Product Description


Made from the Sap of the Coconut flower tree blossom this is a single ingredient product. The Coconut sap is rich with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is a non-GMO, non-MSG and vegan product. An ideal for individuals with specific dietary needs.

How to use?
Use it in your salads, marinades, pickles, curries and in your daily cooking

Dietary and Nutritional information
Soy free
Suitable for Vegans
Gluten free

Nutritional Information

Storage and shelf life
Sedimentation is natural. Remember to shake well before use and to keep the lid tightly closed. 3 years of shelf life from the date of manufacture.


Primary packaging – 250 ml glass bottle
Secondary packaging – 5 ply, food grade corrugated boxes.

Contact us for bulk and other packaging options