Milestones of our 124-year journey

Participated in the All Ceylon Industries Exhibition
The British Empire Exhibition Award of Appreciation was given to our founder – Late Mr. Fonseka
Received grant of Patent for manufacture of natural vinegar from Coconut Water
Obtained membership of the Vinegar Institute –USA
Awarded the Sri Lanka Standards Institution Certificate –SLS 168
Awarded ISO Certification – ISO 9001-2000
Diversified to CDDEF Manufacturer’s & Merchants pvt ltd ( CM&M) to co-pack Dettol antiseptic liquid for RB and Colman’s Instant drink for Sri Lanka.
Awarded 2nd runner up –Local Raw Material Category at SLFPA (Sri Lanka Food Processors Association)
Awarded ISO Certification 22000-5000
Started Producing at Bandaragama Factory
Opened our newest factory to manufacture soy sauce and other export food products in Bandaragama, making this our second fermenting plant.
Officially owns the brand rights of Colman’s in Sri Lanka and formed the company Colmans Lanaka pvt ltd

We are dedicated and committed to provide the best quality products to ensure and exceed customer satisfaction and expectations. Today the company holds certification from Sri Lanka Standards Institution, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, SEDEX, CDA, US NOP Organic, E.U. Organic

Timeline of Founders

Late Mr. Charles David de Fonseka

( Late 1800’s to early 1900’s )

During the latter part of the 18th Century, late Mr. Charles David de Fonseka, a great Philanthropist, married late Ms. Helen Agnes Gunawardena. He then became heir to acres of Coconut land in Panadura and built the ‘Abayakarunarathne Mudalindaramaya’ in Welipitiya,Panadura, with the support of locals in the area, together with a ‘Chaithya’ in the temple premises.

The Late Mr. Fonseka, by birth right owned a liquor business and during the colonial era, he was popularly known as ‘Reinda’ (business owner). Since both Mr. and Mrs. Fonseka were much more involved in practicing the Buddhist doctrine, they slowly crossed the threshold, to open the ‘golden door’ to produce Vinegar from Coconut Sap, instead of liquor.


Late Mr. Eric Bertram de Fonseka

Hailing from a family of business acumen, Late Mr. Eric took over the entire business and the land outright under his purview as the sole proprietor of the de Fonseka family. His wife Late Mrs. Constance de Fonseka, a salient figure in the de Fonseka family, then took over the reigns after the sudden demise of her spouse Late Eric Bertram de Fonseka in early 1960’s.


Late Mrs. Constance de Fonseka

Late Mrs. Constance de Fonseka took over the reins after the demise of her husband. She was a lady determined to make her mark at a time where men dominated business fields. She gracefully arose as a strong businesswoman, challenged by a world of men, to steer the company towards success.
She then tirelessly worked to safeguard the business, by finding suitable distributors. It was at this stage that she was able to score one of CDDEF’s best contracts, M/s Reckit & Colmans Pvt Ltd in 1971 (known today as Reckitt Benckiser). This was the first remarkable turning point for the company, as it provided exposure to multinational corporate culture and the global business environment.

This business contract cemented CDDEF as a legitimate co-packer in the country.


Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka

Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka, the son of Late Mrs. Constance de Fonseka, took over the family business gradually, eventually having full control of the company in the 1990’s. Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka worked tirelessly in multiple business fields, to achieve success in whichever project he put his mind to. Today, he’s the most successful person to run C. D. de Fonseka & sons and is renowned across the island for his achievements. Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka’s guidance has allowed CDDEF to climb the ladder of success. Some of his notable contributions to the business includes:

  • Patented and invented the manufacture of Coconut Vinegar from Coconut Water
  • Revolutionized contract manufacturing by supplying to all major reputed brands on the island
  • Systematically upgraded the whole facility to Global standards (ISO 22000:2008, SLS …)
  • Introduced Quality systems with a fully functioning Laboratory
  • Introduced the Acetaor process for High Strength Vinegar (First in Asia)

History of CDDEF

Excellence that spans through generations

Each member who has taken over the reigns of this family business has added and improved the organization auxiliary, to build a reputed business within and beyond Sri Lanka. Today the company stands strong in the food processing and manufacturing industry, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, expertise and consumer insights gathered during its illustrious journey of 124 years.