As we consolidate our presence in food manufacturing and processing, we have expanded our horizons to also include estate management and have set our sights on pharmaceutical co-pack operations. C D de Fonseka & Sons today have taken over the role of a parent company to three different subsidiaries which were born during the course of 124 years.

C D De Fonseka & Sons (Pvt) Ltd

C D De Fonseka & Sons (Pvt) Limited is the parent company which diversified into three other companies, namely CDDEF Manufacturing & Merchants (Pvt) Ltd , CDDEF Exports (Pvt) Ltd and CDDEF Estates (Pvt) Ltd. With diversified assets and a portfolio in services and goods, C D de Fonseka & Sons (Pvt) Ltd strive to elevate the status quo of branded manufacturing in Sri Lanka.


CDDEF Manufacturing and Merchants (Pvt) Ltd

CDDEF Manufacturers and Merchants (Pvt) Ltd (CMM) is engaged in manufacturing pharmaceuticals including the world recognized antiseptic liquid “DETTOL” on behalf of Reckitt Benckiser Lanka pvt Ltd, a multinational Company. The company also manufactures “COLMANS” instant orange drink. Colmans Lanka Pvt LTD further manufactures our branded range of Soy Sauce, Tomato Sauce among other products which we distribute locally.


CDDEF Exports (Pvt) Ltd

CDDEF exports (pvt) ltd is our subsidiary specializing in international businesses. Under the brand name “COCORA”, the company manufactures and exports premium coconut vinegar and other value-added products such as organic coconut aminos, kithul honey Infused organic coconut vinegar, organic coconut sap vinegar, organic coconut water vinegar, organic coconut nectar.


CDDEF Estates (Pvt) Ltd

CDDEF Estates (Pvt) Ltd is situated in the hill country and is involved in the manufacturing of Tea, Pepper and Nutmeg etc. As we expand our horizons, we have extensively focused on integrating our supply side to source the freshest of ingredients from all over the island. Under CDDEF Estates we manage two prominent estates; one in Moragahakanda and the other in Nawalapitiya.