We are C. D. De Fonseka & Sons

Ours is a story that transcends generations of innovation and determination. What began as a humble family business in 1896 has today transformed itself to become a pioneering force in the industry as a high-quality food processor and manufacturer. Together with our subsidiary companies CDDEF Manufacturing & Merchants, CDDEF Exports and CDDEF Estates, we strive to herald a new era of growth in our industry, to deliver outstanding value to our customers within and beyond the shores of Sri Lanka.

Our excellence is defined by the landmark strides we’ve made over the years.

We pioneered the breakthrough introduction of manufacturing natural Coconut vinegar from Coconut Water. Our quest for innovation also made us the first in South and South East Asia to install the acetator process- the latest technology in high-strength vinegar manufacture. We have gone beyond the manufacture of traditional Coconut products of Coconut Nectar and Coconut Sap Vinegar to producing Coconut Aminos through intensive research and development.

Certified across the Globe.

As we strive to give the world a taste of our premium fermented quality, natural food products, our products have been globally certified by prestigious institutions, guaranteeing high quality, safety and fair trade.

Our Vision
To become an Innovative Manufacturer of Premium Quality, Natural Food Products in South Asia.
Our Mission
To be the leader in Manufacturing Premium Quality Natural Food Products, through the use of Modern Technology, while keeping in-line with treasured traditional systems.